Flap electronic control system – FECS


The main purpose of the system is to monitor and control the flap system of the aircraft, show positional control of aircraft flaps and supply asymmetry and system fail.

The system establishes connections with the following equipment:

  • Flap Lever Selector
  • Flap Position Indicator
  • Engine Digital Display
  • Flap Panel
  • Flight Data Acquisition System
  • Flap Power Module
  • Flap Validation Unit among others

The FECS has been developed according to the following parameters:

  • Qualified FPGA
  • Control System redundancy
  • Multilevel Control & Monitor architecture for safety assurance
  • Model-based design using Simulink
  • Automatic HDL code generation
  • DO-254 compliance

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Date: 2013


A&D SCS 002 Flap electronic control system (pdf)


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