Engineering services at Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport (Spain)



AERTEC Solutions has been the preferred aeronautical engineering supplier for Malaga Airport for over a decade. As a result, a large number small and medium-size engineering design projects have been carried out during this period. The following is a selection of the main projects:

¬ Extension of the basement warehouse in Terminal T2 (Part 1)

¬ Adaptation of gallery utility installations

¬ New design of the General Aviation Terminal

¬ Refurbishment of Terminal T1

¬ Adaptation works for the baggage handling system in terminals T1 and T2

¬ Refurbishment of the airside electrical substation

¬ Airside topographical survey

¬ Transfer of CECOA service

¬ Installation of fire-fighting systems in telephone offices

¬ Bus management system

¬ HVAC for ramps in terminal T2


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Engineering services

Place: Malaga – Costa del Sol International Airport, Spain

Date: 2001-2012

Client: AENA Aeropuertos

Construction budget: € 260M


Malaga - Costa del Sol Engineering Services (pdf)

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