Detailed design for the adaptation to ICAO SARPS of RWY 08-26 at South Tenerife Airport (Spain)


AERTEC Solutions have been in charge to elaborate this project in order to adapt the RWY 08-26 at South Tenerife’s Airport to the ICAO standards.

First of all, AERTEC Solutions made an in-depth analysis on the airfield to define the non-compliance elements. Afterwards a single solution to each case was incorporated to the project so as to ensure that the RWY 08-26 was completely in compliance with the ICAO normative.

Finally, the works had to be undertaken and of course included in the project are summarised as follows:

¬ Reparation of the service roads around the RWY 08-26

¬ Rehabilitation and expansion of the RESAs

¬ Adaptation to ICAO SARPS of all electrical pits

¬ Rehabilitation of the graded RWY strip

¬ Execution of a new electrical duct banks section

¬ Refurbishment of the existing ancillary structures of the approach lighting system

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Place: South Tenerife Airport, Tenerife (Spain)

Date: 2008

Client: AENA Aeropuertos


AV P&D 059 - South Tenerife Airport Detailed Design Adaptation ICAO SARPS RWY (pdf)


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