Desarrollo de la logística interna de nueva planta de producción, Sevilla (España)


Development of the internal logistics and layout of the new SK3000 production plant for ALCOR Group, Aeropolis, Seville (Spain).

¬ Optimisation of company resources and organisation of the internal workflows of material and people for the production cells and auxiliary manufacturing areas

¬ Evaluation of the different levels of work, definition of logistics surfaces and layout

¬ Conceptual design of plant warehouses for each one of the assembly areas

¬ Reduction of movements that don’t add value to the product, and introduction of ergonomic aspects in the productive and logistic operations.

Industrial engineering [+]


Date: 2006

Client: SK3000 Aeronáutica


AE IE 024 - Dev Internal Logistics Layout New SK3000 Production Plant Grupo ALCOR Aerópolis (pdf)


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