Construcción de conexión con pista de rodaje en el Aeropuerto de Jerez (España)


AERTEC Solutions was in charge of the supervision of the execution works concerning the new parallel taxiway at Jerez Airport, which was designed to connect Threshold 20 to the existing taxiway used to access the apron (T1). With the new parallel taxiway, the capacity of the airfield was considerably increased, as well as providing a holding point for aircraft for them to stop while the runway is occupied.

Moreover, this taxiway was widened at the junction with the runway so as to be used at a turning point in case the new taxiway was closed for maintenance, providing enough space to allow the aircraft to make a 180o degrees turn to start take-off procedures.

Finally, the commissioning procedures and the analysis of the readiness to put in operation the TWY was managed by AERTEC Solutions

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Place: Jerez Airport, Cadiz (Spain)

Date: 2008

Client: AENA Aeropuertos


AV P&D 060 - Jerez Airport Construction Of Taxiway Connect To Threshold (pdf)


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