Banco de pruebas para motores del Eurojet EJ-200, Base aérea Morón, Sevilla (España)


The work conducted by AERTEC Solutions in this
project involved works management and overseeing
the construction of the EJ 200 engine test bench. EJ
200 technology allows for smaller simpler engines while reducing fuel consumption and increasing the thrust- to-weight ratio, thereby enhancing a combat aircraft’s
performance and effectiveness. The building is equipped with all kinds of services, sanitation, supplies and electricity. It is within the Moron de la Frontera Air Base (Seville) and located adjacent to a consolidated development.


¬ Workshop area on ground floor ¬ Test cell
¬ Compressed air room
¬ Sound proofing

Technical data

¬ Plot surface area measuring: 4,796m2

¬ Gross floor area measuring: 778.83m2

¬ Net floor area measuring: 748.83m

Industrial engineering [+]


Works management and supervision, materials monitoring and health & safety monitoring

Date: 2001-2002

Client: Turboprop industry – Spanish Air Force

AE IE 006 - Test Bench for EJ-200 engines (pdf)


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