Autorización del aeródromo de Palma del Río (España) para uso público


The Palma del Río Aerodrome is the operating base of the company FAASA, which performs numerous airborne activities.

To start off with, an audit was conducted on the airfield and on the available technical documentation in order to assess the level of the aerodrome’s fulfilment of technical regulations (Order FOM 2086/2011). A study was subsequently conducted on the future investments needed by the aerodrome to obtain AESA’s authorisation for public use.

At present, the Aerodrome Manual is being drafted and the obstacle study, which is to be conducted by a topography company, is being supervised.

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Place: Palma del Rio, Cordoba (Spain)

Date: 2012

Client: FAASA


AV P&D 063 - Authorisation Of Palma Del Río Aerodrome For Public Use Cordoba (pdf)


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