Autopilot for unmanned surface vehicles (USV)


Development of an autopilot for remotely piloted aquatic vehicles. The control and guidance algorithms take into account water flows and environment constraints to calculate the optimal trajectory. This autopilot is suitable both for open sea and rivers and specially addressed to surveillance missions due to their high autonomy and excellent manoeuvrability. The system is composed of two main segments:

On-Board Subsystem

¬ Navigation Embedded System. Guidance and control system based on FPGA technology.

¬ Embedded sensors array:

  • Navigation Unit (COMPASS, IMU and GPS)
  • Depth gauge
  • Speed sensor


¬ Collision avoidance system. Detection and avoidance of incidental elements inside the defined trajectory.

Ground Control Subsystem

¬ Remote Navigation Console. Real-time monitoring and MAN/AUTO operation selection mode.

¬ Optimized Trajectory Generator. From defined waypoints the system generates a low consumption-high performance optimal trajectory. 


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Date: 2013


A&D SCS 003 Autopilot for unmanned surface vehicles (pdf)



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