Auditoría de seguridad operacional en la red de aeropuertos de Marruecos


Audit of technical installations & maintenance policy of aeronautical safety equipment across the moroccan airport network.

This audit was carried out at 23 moroccan airports managed by the Moroccan Airports Authority across over 1,500 km.

The audit was mainly focused on three distint fields:

¬ Nav Aids

¬ Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL)

¬ Fire fighting and rescue system and equipment

The project was carried out in three stages:

¬ Stage 1: Data collection, carried out during on site visits to each one of the 23 airports within the scope.

¬ Stage 2: Diagnostic, processing the collected information and providing a comprehensive report on the state of the systems and infrastructure.

¬ Stage 3: Full audit report including the previous two stages plus a full section dedicated to the suggestion of improvements to the current maintenance procedures at each airport.

Consultoría aeroportuaria  [+]

Estudios de viabilidad

Lugar: Red de aeropuertos de Marruecos

Fecha: 2011 – 2013

Cliente: ONDA – Office National des Aéroports de Maroc


Audit moroccan airport network (pdf)


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