Audit of AGL and other systems at Queen Alia International Airport, Amman (Jordan)


Audit of airfield ground lighting, HV electrical system and fire & potable water systems at Queen Alia International Airport (Jordan)

AERTEC Solutions carried out an audit of the AGL, HV and fire & potable water systems at Queen Alia International Airport. A number of recommendations were also provided following the audits, with associated CAPEX plans and risk analyses for each recommended option.

Airfield Ground Lighting

The audit for this system assessed the degree of ICAO compliance of each subsystem, as well as the need to update old equipment, the main objective being improving the aviation safety levels. This focus on safety was the main weighing criteria when carrying out the risks assessments. Furthermore the audit included a study of different options for upgrading the category and implementing LED lighting.

High Voltage electrical system

This part of the project included an assessment of the condition of the existing high voltage electrical system at the airport, including a low voltage metering campaign for the 66 transformers located across all electrical substations

Fire & potable water systems

This audit assessed the condition and performance of the Fire Protection System, Potable Water Network and all related equipment (valves, pipes, pumps, controllers, along with the hydraulic, electrical and IT network linked to them). Solutions were then proposed to maintain the systems at a high level of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety for the next 20 years.


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Airfields: Visual aids – AGL

Place: Queen Alia Int. Airport, Aman (Jordan)

Date: 2011

Client: AIG Airport International Group


AV CON 019 Queen Alia International Airport Audit SAFETY (pdf)


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