Audit of aeronautical safety across Moroccan airport network


Auditing of maintenance policy and procedures of aeronautical safety equipment across Moroccan airport network.

AERTEC Solutions was awarded the contract for the technical audit of the maintenance service developed by ONDA (Office National Des Aéroports) over three large groups of critical equipment for safety: NavAids, Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) and fire and rescue equipment.

The contract has been developed as per the following structure:

¬ A first phase, of inspection of the current status of the equipment.

¬ A second phase of diagnostic, auditing the contents of the maintenance procedures and its conformity with international standards as well as the level of fulfilment of the day-to-day maintenance with the procedures.

¬ A third phase of reporting, providing conclusions and recommendations for each airport.

The works were carried out on 26 Moroccan airports:

1. Aéroport de Casablanca, Mohammed V
2. Aéroport de Tit Mellil
3. Aéroport de Benslimane
4. Aéroport d’Al Hoceima
5. Aéroport de Nador
6. Aéroport d’Oujda – Angads
7. Aéroport de Bouarfa
8. Aéroport de Fès
9. Aéroport de Tanger
10. Aéroport d’Ifrane
11. Aéroport d’Errachidia
12. Aéroport de Rabat
13. Aéroport de Marrakech, Al Ménara
14. Base Aérienne de Ben Guérir
15. Aéroport de Béni Mellal
16. Aéroport de Zagora
17. Aéroport de Taza
18. Aéroport d’Agadir, Al Massira
19. Aéroport d’Agadir Inezgane
20. Aéroport d’Ouarzazate
21. Aéroport de Guelmin
22. Aéroport de Tan Tan
23. Aéroport de Dakhla
24. Aéroport de Laayoune
25. Aéroport de Tétouan
26. Aéroport d’Essaouira


Consultancy  [+]

Date: 2011 – 2013

Client: ONDA (Office National Des Aéroports)


AV CON 001 Moroccan Airports Network Audit (pdf)


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