Analysis of logistics requirements for SK3000 plant at Aeropolis Business Park Seville (Spain)


The aim of this project was the full analysis of the logistics of the plant. The project included:

¬ Analysis of all processes for reception, verification, inventory, and opening of IDS, shipping and returns to the plant.

¬ Transactions that must be carried out in SAP R/3 for accounting purposes.

¬ Study of demand, rotation, geometry, restrictions, handling and other characteristics of the materials supplied to the plant.

¬ Establishment of requirements for storage space in the new external logistics centre and layout definition.

¬ Development of a specific operational plan which defines all conditions of the service to be provided by the logistic operator.

¬ Preliminarily analysis of possible future improvements relating to the logistics tools. 


Industrial engineering [+]


Date: 2009

Client: LTK


AE IE 033 - Analysis of Logistics Requirements for SK3000 Plant Aeropolis Business Park Seville (pdf)


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