Airport Process Monitoring System (Spain)


The Process Monitoring System (PROMISYS), has been implemented in a number of AENA Airports (Spain).

It monitors different areas in which a number of airport processes are developed (check-in, boarding, baggage reclaim, apron etc). PROMISYS helps airports, airlines and ground handling operators to analyse all the processes that develop within the airport.

It allows video recordings of the different processes to be catalogued, indexed and stored. The data generated by the system and taken from the airport information systems is converted into reports and statistics that allow the level of service quality to be measured.


Software solutions  [+]

Innovation – Systems integration

Place: AENA Airports (Spain)

Date: 2004 – 2008

Clients: AENA 


AV SOF 005 Airport Process Monitoring System Promisys (pdf)


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