New runway, associated taxiways and apron design at Gran Canaria Airport (Spain)


AERTEC Solutions was commissioned by AENA to undertake the planning and design of a new runway, taxiway and apron system at Gran Canaria Airport.

The scheme includes the new runway, as well as the associate taxiways required to connect the existing airfield, rapid exit taxiways, holding bays and the levelling for future developments of the apron beside the new Runway 03L-21R. This runway was designed to be 3,100 metres long and 60 metres wide appropriate for CAT I operations, designed according to ICAO requirements for Runways Code 4F, with the ability to operate aircraft such as the Airbus A380.

The services provided by AERTEC Solutions also included the assessment of technical, capacity, operational, environmental and safety aspects, in order to evaluate the cost-benefit potential of a new runway.


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Infrastructure services > Airfields > Runways and associated taxiways, Aprons and their associated systems, Visual aids – AGL and NavAids

Place: Gran Canaria airport, Canary Islands, Spain

Date: 2007

Client: AENA Airports


AV P&D 014 Gran Canaria Airport New Runway Taxiways Apron (pdf)


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