ME3S, acronym that stands for Manufacturing Engineering Services Strategic Suppliers, is the framework that Airbus put in place in 2014 to consolidate a list of more than 100 suppliers into just 12 companies. Similar to what Airbus did a few years earlier with design and analysis engineering services (through the E2S scheme), since 2014 the big OEM has committed to subcontract manufacturing engineering services only to companies certified as ME3S providers. For that purpose Airbus has categorised all manufacturing engineering activities into eight clusters, and for each cluster a reduced number of companies (between two and four) are the only ones that can deliver those services on the four European countries (France, Germany, Spain and the UK) that represent the Airbus core.

AERTEC Solutions and the ME3 process

Since 2014 Airbus has committed to subcontract manufacturing engineering services only to companies certified as ME3S providers.

In June 2014 AERTEC Solutions, through its industrial engineering division, was appointed ME3S certified supplier in the Jigs & Tools and Machines & Automation (J&T M&A) cluster. As such, AERTEC Solutions became the only company out of three that was entitled to deliver related services for Airbus in France, Germany, Spain and the UK until 2017. AERTEC Solutions partnered with another European engineering company, Ausy, to meet Airbus requirements which involved presence in all Airbus production facilities in Europe. AERTEC Solutions has relied on Ausy’s strong presence in France and Germany to meet Airbus stringent needs in those two countries, while acting as leader in this partnership and main focal point when needed.

The J&T M&A cluster comprises engineering activities required for the design, commissioning and maintenance of jigs, tools and automated systems used for manufacturing and assembly of aerostructures and aircraft parts.

Additionally, AERTEC Solutions is also provider of ME3S services under a different cluster, Work Preparation. In this case we are providing those services as a 2nd tier for the French firm AAA, under an exclusivity agreement where any Work Preparation activity AAA is entitled to do in Spain will be solely produced by AERTEC Solutions. The Work Preparation cluster encompasses activities required to adequately plan and implement manufacturing processes on cost, on quality and on time. Typical jobs include industrialization of processes and technical support to production for manufacturing of parts, harnesses, sub assys and assemblies, systems installation, equipping, cabin furnishing, Ground Test Instructions (GTIs), flight-line delivery inspections, etc.



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