We have celebrated the Malaga Aviation Forum once again, which this year hold the AIR TOP User Congress. It was held from 11 to 13 September, with the Pompidou Centre auditorium being the main hall. Experiences, projects and new ideas associated with the most innovative and advanced airport simulation software were shared during three days. Fifty airport professionals from across the world who specialise in the design and planning of airport facilities will attend the event.

What is AIRTOP? When a system reaches a certain level of complexity, analytical calculations may not be efficient, sufficient or even possible anymore. Simulation allows the analysis of complex systems with many input parameters, processes and interdependencies. For this, the AirTOp ground module to model airside ground traffic is used. Realistic, detailed models of the airport ground layout can be built, supporting airport design or air traffic simulation.

Malaga is an international reference in the airport sector thanks to the annual Malaga Aviation Forum (MAF), organised by AERTEC Solutions in the city to bring together the sector’s leading companies and professionals.


Let’s talk aeronautics!




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