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The Andalusian aerospace industry has generated more than 500 new jobs

Gerardo Morillo

The sector is growing and diversifying its portfolio of products and clients in order to reduce risks and provide stability.

According to an article published by Europa Press, during the presentation of the annual “Statistical Report of the Andalusian Aerospace Sector”, the Councillor for Economics, Science and Employment for the Andalusia Regional Government, Antonio Avila, indicated that these results show that the Andalusian aerospace sector is a “strong and consolidated industry, with strategic activity that creates profit and employment, strengthening and regenerating production network”.

The President of the Helice Foundation Business Action Council and Managing Director of AERTEC Solutions, Antonio Gomez-Guillamon, also highlighted three positive aspects that have made these results possible: the presence of AIRBUS in Andalusia, a business network that is becoming increasingly stable, and finally the support of regional administrations.

SOURCE: Europa Press

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