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Strengthening our aeronautical industry division


AERTEC is strengthening its management team with the incorporation of Nick Siangolis into its aeronautical and manufacturing sector.

Nick Siangolis has over 30 years’ aerospace and architectural experience in both design and project management. Working directly or indirectly with small national to large international aerospace and defence companies such as Westland Helicopters, Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DRA/DERA), GKN Aerospace, BAE Systems and Airbus Operations. Nick will be bringing a wealth of experience to AERTEC Solutions that will reinforce the team.

NickSiangolis-002Nick Siangolis’ work in the aeronautical design sector stands out particularly in his professional career path. He has attained various prizes and recognitions as a design engineer for product improvement and innovation with Airbus Operations and customer satisfaction and excellence with GKN Aerospace, specifically for the redesign of A320/A321 Single Aisle Trailing Edge Wing device.

In leading the Single Aisle Wing programme at GKN Aerospace, his management was present at all levels of modifications, from simple to large modifications to part or the entire Wing Box Assembly. He has managed and contributed to different work teams during his Airbus and GKN engineering career; of particular note is his concept designs for the Airbus A320 Winglet device.

Furthermore, he has contributed and led the GKN Aerospace design team for the Harrier Jump Jet based in Farnborough, and participated in the Concorde supersonic aircraft programme at Filton Bristol; a formative experience which few aeronautical professionals can dismiss.

“Arriving at AERTEC is a new challenge for me, which I will tackle with enthusiasm and commitment. It is one of the specialised aeronautic engineering companies in the sector which has grown the most in recent years, and has big ambitions in the European market. I hope that my experience and abilities will be able to contribute to consolidating its position in the aerospace market and above all, developing and increasing its international expansion in the industry”, stated Nick Siangolis.

“The incorporation of Nick Siangolis signifies an important strengthening of the company management team and a qualitative leap in regards to challenges the company will face in future. We are pleased to welcome him, and are convinced that he will bring value to our continued growth in the aerospace industry” said Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, AERTEC chief executive officer.



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