AERTEC RPAS Mission and payload systems

Mission and payload systems

Mission and payload systems

Date: 2016-today

High technology surveillance

In our RPAS systems we work with sensors that can be used to develop different types of operations over 24 hours (day/night). This technology allows clear and stable images to be received, transmitted in real-time and with complete pan/tilt movements of up to 120º per second. Real and demonstrable high technology.


Image stabilisation system

In terms of payload, our TARSIS 75 platform features a gyro stabilised gimbal using an integrated 3-axis inertia sensor system. It is fitted with visible high definition cameras and an infrared LWIR with the highest resolution on the market.

The featured gimbal has a high level of mechanical stabilisation due to the use of Brushless Direct Drive technology in the movement of its axes. This reduces hysteresis and plays in its function, increasing precision, smoothness and speed in its movement.

The proposed solution includes a lens protection system that is employed during landing and take-off manoeuvres.


Visible sensors

Option 1

The system is equipped with a visible sensor. This is a Sony FCB H11 Full HD camera:

  • Sensor -1/3 Full HD CMOS up to 1080p
  • Zoom up to 120x (10x optical, 12x digital)
  • Night/day function*
  • Automatic focus and exposure control
  • 50º to 5.4º viewing angles

For thermal imaging the gimbal is equipped with a long wave infrared sensor (LWIR) that uses microbolometer technology without cooling (amorphous silicon), with a resolution of 640×480 pixels.

  • 8-14 um spectral band
  • 17 um pixel size
  • 640×480 resolution
  • 19 mm lense size
  • 32º horizontal field of vision
  • 25/20 Hz refresh rate (unrestricted for ITAR licence)
  • Sensitivity (NETD) < 50 mK

Option 2

Additionally, we can also offer another built-in sensor system in a number of our platforms, with less advanced characteristics, for when operations require a simpler range functions.


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