μASM A-Fox misil

Micro-missile μASM A-Fox: Guidance, navigation and control

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A completely modular system consisting in a semi-active laser guidance kit that can be integrated in diverse aerial vehicles. Different applications only require a few small adjustments in the embedded software.


Guidance kit for reconverting unguided missiles

  • Guidance kit suitable for conventional unguided missiles. It can be easily installed and the weapon can be operated from its conventional launcher with small adjustments
  • INS-based intermediate navigation, which notably increases ballistic range

μASM A-Fox / Light aerial platform micro-missile

  • In-house development of all missile systems
  • In-house development of the high-performance missile engine
  • Especially designed for use on light unmanned platforms
  • Currently in the process of integration into our RPAS TARSIS 75 & TARSIS 25


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