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Infographic / International private airport operators

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Every year we are seeing more and more governments, public airport operators and civil aviation authorities tendering out the operation, and very often the expansion and development, of their airports.

It is gradually becoming clear that to make costly airport infrastructures more profitable, the expertise of international firms and investors is required. Many of them have long track records in successfully developing award-winning international hubs, or turning around ailing smaller regional airports. They operate airports in a different way, driving up revenues from other sources that weren’t considered critical by traditional operators.

There are in fact numerous companies and investment firms involved in airport transactions and operations; therefore we cannot detail all of them. In this infographic we are simply going to give you an approximate overview of a selection of the organisations that have interests in privately operated airports not just in their home countries but also abroad, and are some of the most prominent in the news today. Enjoy it and share it.


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Source: Own work, OACI, ACI, annual reports.
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