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Infographic / Air transport market forecast

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A few months ago, the two large international aircraft manufacturing firms Airbus and Boeing presented their market forecasts up until 2033. No less than 20 years. Obviously this forecast is a serious exercise, backed up by extensive internal and external research. The end result for both firms is similar, although there are few subtle differences.

In this infographic our aim is to contrast the information provided by both manufacturers. Despite the differences that come to light, more than likely due to different segmentation in both studies of the limitations of the different types of aircraft, there is an obvious similarity that stands out. The air transport market is extremely buoyant and will continue to be so during the coming years. This will not only affect aircraft manufacture, but also the whole aerospace context (engineering firms, supply chain, airports, pilots, service providers…).

Please feel free to share this infographic and make any comments. And how about you keep hold of it so that in 20 years’ time we can talk about it all over again.

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Source: Airbus, Global Market Forecast 2014-2033; Boeing Current Market Outlook 2014-2033
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