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The A400M, also known as the Atlas, is already flying in several countries and has been successfully integrated into their air force fleets. Like in any other aeronautical programme, it has encountered delays and obstacles along the lengthy path from its initial conception to the present. However, once the necessary adjustments were made, nobody can place into doubt that it is the most modern and versatile military transport aircraft in the market.

It is the first aeroplane designed and manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space for solely military use. When the A400M programme’s initial development lines were broached, the world’s military and humanitarian aid needs were totally different from the ones which had existed several decades before, when the aeroplanes currently in service were designed.

The requirements put forward by the countries involved in its development were ambitious. Aside from the capabilities the new aircraft had to cover from an operational standpoint, it had to be equipped with the latest technologies. And that has been the case.

Today there are more than twenty-four aircraft flying for several air forces and the aeronautical manufacturer forecasts there will be 400 aircraft in 30 years.

Its performance characteristics are highly attractive. Thanks to the advanced technologies it is equipped with, it can fly higher, further and more quickly than the aeroplanes it competes with and offers outstanding performance in short or complicated runways. Innovations are present in all areas, ranging from its aerodynamic design to the use of composite materials (up to 30% of its structure) and the engines with which it is equipped.

We have grouped together in this infographic the main features which make the A400M the most efficient and versatile aeroplane in its class. Enjoy it.


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Source: Documents issued by Airbus, 2016.
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