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Heathrow, What makes an airport big?


Every year lists appear with the largest airports, the busiest, the most beautiful, the most desired by passengers or, on the contrary, those who make up the most negative part of the statistics.

caratula-video-heathrowHeathrow Airport, in London, is listed, almost permanently, among the world’s top ten, under any category. It is clearly one of the world’s most impressive airports. It is also a powerful machine that generates commerce, business, employment and development, not only for London or the United Kingdom, but also for a large part of Europe. In 2013, it reached a total  of 72.4 million passengers and this year, 2014, not including the last quarter’s data, it already reached 55.7 million. It looks like this year’s figures will exceed last year’s.

Below you can find a video which shows us most of the secrets that make Heathrow Airport what it is: a world airport benchmark. It is not only a large infrastructure, but also a mechanism where thousands of workers are involved, each of them with a clear mission, working for what any airport would aspire: improving the passenger experience.

Enjoy it!



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