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Guest column by Imtiaz Rastgar, PAeC

Imtiaz Rastgar

Imtiaz Rastgar

Pakistan Aerospace Council / Convenor


The Pakistan Aerospace Council (PAeC) is a cluster organisation for enterprises active in the aerospace, defence and high tech electronics market. It was formed for the global promotion of Pakistan’s high added value and high technology players in order to achieve sustainable, export-led growth in Pakistani aerospace-related businesses.

PAeC supports the development of aviation and related technologies and improves the visibility of the Pakistani aerospace industry globally.

PAeC is still a young organisation but the member companies have long experience, as they form the supply chain of its main customer, the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, which manufactures, under license from SAAB, the Super Mashshak trainer and acrobatic plane, in addition to the JF-17 jet fighter. More than 450 Mushshaks are flying worldwide and they are popular with flying training schools in several countries. The MFI-17 Mushshak (The Proficient) is a lightweight, robust, two/three-seat, single engine, predominantly metal aircraft with fixed tricycle landing gear. It has been developed to meet US FAR Part 23 certification in the normal, utility and aerobatics categories. It can operate from any short, unprepared strip and is completely independent of any kind of ground equipment. The Super Mushshak (The Agile) Advanced Avionics is an upgraded version of the Mushshak fitted with a more powerful engine, cockpit air conditioning, electrical instruments, and electric cum manual elevator and rudder trim. The Mushshak meets the requirements of a modern primary training syllabus and is an ideal basic trainer. The aircraft is ideal for basic flight training, instrument flying, aerobatics, stalls and deliberate spins, as well as night and navigation flying.

PAeC supports the development of aviation and related technologies and improves the visibility of the Pakistani aerospace industry globally, aiming at a growing market share. We aim to cater to our members’ interests at a political level, facilitate networking between our members, develop business opportunities by organising attendance at major business events and aim at a well-functioning triple helix structure.

PAeC’s activities are focused around the following key objectives:

  • Highlighting the image and profile of Pakistan’s high tech sector.
  • Influencing the local policy debates and procedures of greatest importance to our industries.
  • Supporting Pakistan’s high value manufacturing and supply chains.
  • Encouraging investment in technology and innovation.
  • Supporting business development opportunities in the global market.
  • Increasing member value.
  • Achieving sustainable growth of private sector high-tech in Pakistan.
  • Promoting global connections with customers in the aerospace sector for subcontract work, as well as contract assembly of aircraft.

PAeC will display at AIRTEC 2017 along with Pakistan’s aerospace companies. Our aim is to present Pakistani aerospace players on the global market and create connections enabling our members’ potential can be utilized by the global aviation industry for subcontract work.



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