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Tourism and Aviation / Infographic

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You would be hard pushed to find another such fruitful relationship as the one that exists between the world of aviation and global tourism. It would be impossible to comprehend tourism today without the existence of a means of transport such as the aircraft. It allows us to reach any point around the globe in a matter of hours. And it’s not just a local phenomenon either, almost anywhere in the world you can find areas that are noticeably affected, especially in summer, by tourism and the benefits it brings, both financially and in terms of local development.

In any case, one thing is clear: that the sheer volume of world tourism figures will continue to surprise us over and over again. Not only that, each year these numbers increase at an extraordinary rate.

This month we’ve thrown together some of the key figures published for 2012-2013 by the world’s leading international organisations in the sector (IATA, OMT, ATAG, ACI), along with a number of specialist entities (Amadeus, Oxford Economics, Airbus, Boeing) and condensed them into an infographic. This allows us to see a little more clearly the importance of that magical relationship between aviation and tourism.




Source: IATA (2012-2013),  ATAG (2012-2013), ACI (2010-2013), UNWTO (2012-2013), Oxford Economics (2011-2013), Amadeus (2012-2013), Boeing, Airbus
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