Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport (Spain)

Malaga Airport shares its airfield with a base of Spanish Air Warfare. Our company has been awarded a number of design projects and consultancy contracts by AENA Airports in this airport. Projects such as 2 rapid exit taxiways, AGL and marking systems improvement, levelling and drainage modification, design of ancillary elements in the airfield, new perimeter security systems are within our portfolio.

Our company conducted also preliminary airspace and airfield capacity studies for the construction of the second runway and improvement of the capacity of the all aprons by means of specialised simulations software.

In addition, AERTEC Solutions has developed various multi-discipline contracts within the military area of the airport. Among others, a new water supply conduction, new power and communication supply circuits, a new drainage and levelling of the runway strip are examples of our expertise in this sort of restricted areas.


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