Thanks to its wide-ranging experience in the aviation industry, AERTEC Solutions has set up a division especially dedicated to software solutions. It offers bespoke products to the airport industry’s key players.

With more than 15 years of experience in specialised airport systems consultancy (operational and commercial systems, airport systems integration, etc.), some of its key clients include:


¬ Airport operators
¬ Airlines
¬ Ground services companies
¬ Infrastructure services companies
¬ Original equipment manufacturers
¬ First-tier suppliers


Designed and implemented systems:


¬ ATIKA (Airport Touchscreen Information Kiosk Assistant)

It is a multi-platform, multi-device system designed to provide passengers, airports and concessionaires with interactive, real-time information.

¬ Passengers: provides useful information on the airport (flights, boarding gates, stores, restaurants, services available, notifications, etc.)
¬ Airport: offers useful, up-to-date information on passenger behaviour inside the airport terminal (behaviour patterns, groups of people gathering in the airport terminal in real time, use of facilities, etc.)
¬ Concessionaires: allows companies to administer their own information, which is shown in the system.

ATIKA is a complete, scalable system that can be adapted to each airport, allows for more efficient airport service management and noticeably improves passenger experience at the same time.

¬ Interactive touchscreen information points

This system was created to enhance the quality provided to passengers and improve their experience at the airport. It consists of interactive kiosks, which were installed at the following airports: Madrid (8), Barcelona (8), Seville (4), Bilbao (4) and Gatwick (8). These kiosks were also acquired by Iberia (24 information and kiosk points) for Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport (Terminal 4).


¬ Next-generation, multi-platform, presence-based, remote information system

Technology solutions aimed at reducing information service costs at airports. Currently undergoing assessment at European airports and financial services companies, as well as in other sectors.


¬ Baggage trolley collection and payment management system

Baggage trolley management optimisation, which also generates revenue streams from non-aeronautical activities. More than 40 units have been installed at Barcelona Airport.


¬ Mobile task management system

The TAREO system allows for the management of airport-related tasks, such as: gangways, cleaning, maintenance, PRM assistance, quality control, etc. It provides third-party concessionaires with the tools they need to fulfil ANS performance targets at airports with mobile devices. More than 100 devices have been implemented at five locations.


¬ Passenger flow supervision

This system supervises passenger flows in real time using Bluetooth technology. It allows the airport’s resources to be scaled by estimating the duration of queues at security checks to enhance the passenger experience. It has been installed at Barcelona Airport as an R&D project and is currently undergoing an assessment process at Seville Airport.


¬ 3D training simulators

Design of BI software for the commercial data warehouse at Barcelona Airport and other airports.



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