AERTEC Solutions provides specialist aviation consultancy services to a wealth of aviation-sector clients, including airport operators, services providers, airlines, government agencies, investors and financial institutions. We provide independent and insightful professional advice obtained through in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry.

We create value for clients through integrated services and independent specialist advice across the full range of aviation consultancy services:


¬ Policy and sector studies: 

We advise our clients before they make the most important decision of all: whether the investment will be profitable or not.

AERTEC Solutions supports institutional and other aviation sector clients with a range of advisory services for the development of strategic policies and programmes related to both the aviation and the aeronautical industry, including regulation, industry analysis and strategic planning and advice.


¬ Traffic forecasting: 

Realistic and achievable air traffic forecasts represent one of the fundamental building blocks of successful airport development. We provide clear forward thinking insight to deliver a robust two-way analytical approach: in-depth research of the airport’s service region coupled with a thorough understanding and assessment of the rapidly changing air transport industry.


¬ Business advisory: 

Whether as part of a transaction process or not, AERTEC Solutions provides both short and long term business planning development and support on key business drivers. These include: aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue, operating costs and capital expenditure, identifying risks and areas where value can be added to deliver a robust and reliable investment decision tool.


¬ Transaction support: 

AERTEC Solutions provides independent and insightful airport transaction advice obtained through its in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry, delivering real value across a range of professional services covering the transaction process. In addition to the key business drivers, we provide sector-specific advice and support on basic aspects in a transaction process, such as business opportunities analysis, risk assessment, benchmarking and operational performance review.


¬ Feasibilty studies: 

AERTEC Solutions has an unparalleled track record of successful technical and financial feasibility studies for both greenfield airport initiatives and major development projects at existing operational airports. Our comprehensive technical expertise in airport infrastructure, operations, services and systems, coupled with our business advisory expertise, deliver real value across the full range of key drivers of a successful project implementation.


¬ Masterplanning: 

Our extensive expertise in infrastructure development projects at an international level and our capacity modelling capabilities enables us to provide a first-class tailored masterplanning service for both greenfield airport initiatives and existing operational airports. We apply feasibility and sustainability principles to the planning and development options of an airfield, terminal areas, car parks or surface access to deliver robust solutions from an operational, technical, environmental and economic perspective.



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