Our experience with international airports has provided us with the technical knowledge needed to take on bigger and more complex challenges, while still offering all the right guarantees. But at AERTEC Solutions we offer something more than just technical knowledge. Our multidiscipline workforce is capable of integrating all the relevant aspects of a project within a single but diverse organisation, therefore allowing us to provide bespoke solutions designed exactly to the requirements of all the main players in the airport sector.

We understand an airport as a space for people, both at their origin and their destination. A place that should not only inspire confidence and comfort in travellers, but should also guarantee safe and fast operations. Our involvement and our innovative systems contribute to the generation of a more natural and pleasant airport user experience.






As an airport consultancy, we study each airport project well before the installations are even designed. We analyse the possibilities, the business plan, the possible management models and the demand that the routes offer. We put our knowledge of the aiport sector at the service of our clients before they make the first and most important decision: whether the investment is justified or not.



Our services:

  • Policy and sector studies

  • Air transport market studies

  • Traffic forecasting

  • Business advisory

  • Transaction support and due diligence



icon_aviation_infraestructurasPlanning & design

At AERTEC Solutions we understand that the infrastructure of an airport must be able to respond to many needs: it is the entry and exit point into a city; it is an interchange between different forms of transport, an air traffic operations centre. It is also a space that should guarantee physical and operational safety (of people and of the aircraft), while also being an attractive retail area that offers the passenger the chance to satisfy their needs while keeping the business profitable for the airport operator. Therefore, our way of working in this field goes further than a purely technical vision, we offer human involvement that is present from the first moment of planning until the airport infrastructure becomes operational.



Our services cover all airport infrastructures, along with any other elements outside of the airport that can impact it:

  • Studies and plans

  • Airfields

  • Air traffic control towers

  • Terminal areas

  • Other facilities



icon_aviation_operacionesAirport operation

An airport is a living organism, in which numerous process and activities take place simultaneously. Processes and activities whose result must always be precise, efficient and safe, guaranteeing the objectives and functional requirements for which they were designed, while also ensuring the airport’s profitability.

With this in mind, at AERTEC Solutions we have always stood out for our ability to provide services that allow control, analysis and improvement to operational efficiency of the processes & activities associated with all functional areas of an airport.



Our services:

  • Operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT)

  • Analysis and monitoring of Service Level Agreements

  • Airport operational procedures and manuals

  • Operational safety management systems

  • Airport systems integration (ind. security)

  • Commercial areas and spaces assessment

  • Project management services

  • Airport engineering services

  • Training



At AERTEC Solutions we also offer our knowledge and innovation capability that guarantees the passenger a worthwhile experience. We don’t create systems out of thin air. Instead of offering an off-the-shelf solution, our consultancy experience comes into play. We listen to all the main players that carry out their activity in an airport. They provide us with the fundamentals to establish what is needed and we find the way to put it into practice.

Our innovations are always based on the same principle: bring together the needs of each airport, the needs of the different companies that work there, and finally the needs of the passengers that use it each and every day.



Our systems solutions:

  • Interactive information points based on touchscreen technology

  • Airport process video monitoring system

  • Real time service management and control system using mobile technology

  • Automated airbridge management system

  • Passenger flow control system

  • 3D training simulators

  • Training


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