Industrialisation customised to each client’s specific requirements

From concept to operations, using the Lean methodology

Highly experienced consultants with a thorough understanding of capabilities that cover the full industrial lifecycle of aeronautical facilities. A global vision, from concept to operations, using the Lean methodology and addressing all aspects of the infrastructure and industrialisation setup, customised to each client.

Industrial engineering services

Analytical simulation

Delmia quest

¬ Layout design
¬ Machines/jigs capacity analysis
¬ Check different scenarios
¬ Production line balancing and sequencing
¬ Flow of material optimization
¬ Inventory levels optimization
¬ Bottleneck analysis

Physical simulation

Delmia V5 DPM

¬ 3D and 2D graphics
¬ Collision and free distance analysis
¬ Validating manufacturing and assembly processes
¬ Ergonomics validations
¬ Video simulation example:



Industrial Engineering (ENG) (pdf)



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