Technology solutions for aerospace industry

Intuitive and powerful bespoke tools to improve and add value to our clients’ processes (technology based on Visual Studio & C#).



01/ Digitalisation visual management tool

Visualisation of the status of manufacturing plant processes.
¬ Tracking of the entire manufacturing process, including work pending from suppliers.
¬ Uniformity and customisation of KPIs and targets to be achieved across all levels of the organisation.
¬ Sychronised visualisation on workshop screens, computers and smartphones.


02/ Operative and master plan

Dynamic operational and master planning.
¬ Desktop-based software C# application which generates optimal scenarios in accordance with the required constraints.
¬ Dynamic interactive simulation that allows automatic redistribution resources & tasks.
¬ Varied and highly customised reports, such as planning image sheet, simulation data, charts and tables.


03/ Material and tool management

Management of material and tooling flow across the plant.
¬ Shared database system between users to monitor the cannibalised items.
¬ Management of material flow under a unique application with standard reports.
¬ Creation, removal and deletion of cannibalised log entries.


04/ Management of pending actions and tasks

Management of open points on flight line.
¬ Centralized SQLite Database System that provides support on Flight Line.
¬ Meeting support through:

  • Tracking of pending actions associated to each open TLB point
  • Automated generation of meetingminutes and short plan reports


05/ Mass data management (web)

Development of web applications in quality control area.
¬ Manage quality incidents.
¬ Information system shared between all stakeholders.
¬ Interface with other systems.


06/ Management of quality incidents

Design and development of tablet applications for:
¬ Inspection support that includes technical documentation and camera to illustrate damages.
¬ Communication interface with other IT tools that allows recorded information to be downloaded.
¬ Overall time reduction above 75% in describing, managing inspection incidents and generating automated reports.



Software Applications (ENG) (pdf)



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