On March, 2013, AERTEC Solutions formally acquired GLENSER Aerospace. With this acquisition we have strengthened our expansion in aircraft manufacturing engineering services.

GLENSER Aerospace is an engineering services firm specialised in the aircraft manufacturing cycle, created during a strategic move by the firms AERTEC Solutions and ELIMCO in order to consolidate their position in the aerospace sector. The major manufacturing firms demanded greater volume, larger scale and greater technical and financial capacity. The main objective was to source suppliers that were capable of taking on the current and future challenges faced by the industry, not just at local level but also across Europe. The acquisition of 100% of GLENSER is fully in line with this process and represents a significant expansion for AERTEC Solutions in terms of the aeronautical engineering services it provides.

GLENSER Aerospace is now AERTEC Solutions, therefore consolidating our industrial engineering services with the manufacturing & product engineering that GLENSER Aerospace provided.

Please click here to find out more about the manufacturing engineering services that AERTEC Solutions, having acquired GLENSER Aerospace, can now offer.



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