1.1.- In order to fulfil the provisions set forth in Act 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and eCommerce, we are providing you with the following information:

Owner and trade name:AERTEC Solutions S.L.

Registered office: Avenida Juan López de Peñalver, 17, Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, 29590 Malaga, SPAIN

Tel. No.: (+34) 95 10 10 200

Fax: (+34) 952 020 174

E-mail: info@aertecsolutions.com

Registry Data: Registered at the Malaga Companies Registry, Volume 2060, Book 973, Folio 189, Section 8, Sheet MA-30272, Entry 1

VAT Reg. No.: B-29869856

1.2.-AERTEC Solutions S.L. provides its services through the trademark AERTEC Solutions.

1.3.- Furthermore, the domain name owned byAERTEC Solutions S.L. is aertecsolutions.com.


2.1.- This document contains the general terms and conditions which govern access to, browsing through and use of the websites under the aertecsolutions.com domain (hereinafter “website”) as well as the liabilities arising from the use of their contents. “Contents” shall be construed to mean texts, graphics, computer graphics, images, software, music, sound, videos or any other kind of creative expression.

2.2.- AERTEC Solutions may establish specific terms and conditions to govern access to, use of and/or subscription to certain contents offered to users through the website.

2.3.- It shall be construed that access to or the mere use of the website by the user involves acceptance of the general terms and conditions which AERTEC Solutions may have posted at any time the user accesses the website and which shall be made available to users.


3.1.- As the owner of the website and the author of its contents, AERTEC Solutions holds the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website. It is also holds the licences corresponding to the intellectual and industrial property rights and the image rights of the contents available through the website.


4.1.- Users’ access to the website by users shall be free of charge.

4.2.- Where it is necessary for the user to register or provide personal data in order to gain access to any of the services, the provisions set forth in the document on the protection of the data gathered through the website shall apply to the gathering and processing of users’ personal data.


5.1.- The contents included in the website are solely provided to end users. The commercial use of such data is forbidden.

5.2.- Accessing, browsing through and using the website are the user’s responsibility. The user shall therefore undertake to follow diligently and strictly any additional instructions issued by AERTEC Solutions on the use of the website and its contents.

5.3.- In particular, the user shall refrain from using the website for purposes or effects contrary to the Law, morality, generally accepted practices or public order.

5.4.- Making reference to and using the contents of the AERTEC Solutions website shall be allowed, provided express reference is made to their origin and a direct link to the website is included.


The privacy policy of www.aertecsolutions.com is determined by the provisions set forth in the document entitled “Data Protection Policy”.


7.1.- “Cookies” are small text files stored in the user’s computer when he/she visits websites. Their use is very useful to ensure such sites run more efficiently. For instance, if a user selects a viewing language on the home page, the website will remember such preference and the user may continue browsing through the website in the chosen language.

7.2.- Cookies may either be first-party or third-party cookies. First-party cookies are created by the data processing controller that operates the website, which in this case is AERTEC Solutions. Third-party cookies are created by data processing controllers that do not operate the website being visited and are therefore unrelated to AERTEC Solutions. For example, a third-party cookie would be the “Share on Twitter” button that leads to an action that can be understood by Twitter (share).

7.3.- The AERTEC Solutions website uses the following cookies:

7.3.1.- Session cookies (first-party cookie). Their aim is to of identify registered users. They are necessary to avoid having to request users for a username and password on every Web page and to be able to use their preferences. These cookies expire at the end of the session. Nevertheless, users may use the “remember your session initiation” option, in which case they expire after a month.

7.3.2.- Flash cookies (first-party cookie). These are aimed at storing the technical data needed to play audio and video contents, such as image quality, network connection speed and temporary storage parameters. They expire at the end of the session.

7.3.3.- Analytics cookies (third-party cookie). These allow traffic data and user profiles to be measured. They generally expire after a month, though their duration is controlled by Google.

7.3.4.- Clicky cookies (third-party cookie). These allow traffic data and user profiles to be measured. They generally expire after a month, though their duration is controlled by Clicky.

7.4.- AERTEC Solutions construes that the user has been duly informed and is aware of the installation of the aforementioned cookies in his/her computer by browsing through the website.

7.5.- The user has the option and possibility of customising the use of cookies, as well as how they are gathered by changing the options on the user’s Web browser.

7.6.- Proper viewing of the website’s contents may be impeded should cookies be completely blocked, in which case AERTEC Solutions disclaims any kind of liability.


8.1.- AERTEC Solutions does hereby state that it has adopted all the necessary measures at its disposal and the state of the art to ensure the website runs properly and to avoid the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful elements to users.

8.2.- Although it shall place all the means at its disposal, AERTEC Solutions does not nor cannot guarantee: a) continuity in the website’s running; b) absence of errors in the website’s contents; c) absence of viruses, malware or other harmful elements; d) the website’s invulnerability; e) impregnability of the security measures taken; f) lack of usefulness of the website’s contents.

8.3.- Should any breach of guarantee be detected in the website, AERTEC Solutions shall undertake to correct it as soon as possible.


9.1.- AERTEC Solutions may amend, either totally or partially, the terms and conditions stipulated herein and the specific terms and conditions of each specific service by posting any amendments in the same manner as this Legal Disclaimer.

9.2.- Hence, the term of this Legal Disclaimer shall coincide with the time it is displayed until it is totally or partially amended, at which time the amended Legal Disclaimer shall take effect.


10.1.- AERTEC Solutions may bring to an end, suspend or interrupt access to the website’s contents at any time without the need for prior notice and users shall not be entitled to seek compensation thereof.

10.2.- Should there be any contradictions between the contents of this Legal Disclaimer and the specific terms and conditions of a specific service, the provisions set forth in the latter shall prevail.

10.3.- Should any provision or provisions set forth in this Legal Disclaimer be deemed null and void or inapplicable, either partially or totally, by any competent court, tribunal or administrative body, such situation of nullity or inapplicability shall not affect the other provisions set forth herein.


11.1.- The relationships established between AERTEC Solutions and the user shall be governed by the provisions laid down by prevailing rules on the legislation which applies to the competent jurisdiction. Notwithstanding the above, in cases where the Law lays down the possibility of the parties submitting themselves to a jurisdiction, AERTEC Solutions and the user shall waive any jurisdictional privileges they may be entitled to and shall bring any disputes or litigation before the courts of the city of Malaga.



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