AERTEC Solutions was set up in 1997 as a result of two young aeronautical engineers’ initiative and enthusiasm. Today, twenty years later, our company has become an international engineering and consultancy firm that carries out projects in over 40 countries and at 130 airports. It also takes part in some of the world’s most important aeronautical programmes and employs a workforce of over 550 professionals.

We wised to celebrate our development in 2017 with a series of activities aimed at our clients, institutions and of course our workforce, the real driving force over the course of these years.

The main activities we organised to celebrate this anniversary are summarised below.

Celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary
The last event which closed the 20th anniversary celebrations was aimed at the workforce, the real driving force which has fuelled our company’s day-to-day growth. The party was held at the Navigation Pavilion on Cartuja Island in Seville on 17 November 2017. Almost all the 550 professionals who make up the workforce attended. Thank you all for these 20 years.

20 years of AERTEC Solutions
Many of the members of AERTEC Solutions’ workforce took part in a video to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. The video was presented at the anniversary party held in Seville in November 2017.

The Dream of Flying book presentation
We published a book that covers the evolution of the dissemination of aeronautical knowledge, along with a series of technical articles related to Aeronautics to celebrate AERTEC Solutions’ 20th anniversary. The book was presented to a large audience of the sector’s businessmen in Madrid on 7 November.

IAC / International Airport Congress
The city of Malaga hosted the International Airport Congress organised by AERTEC Solutions and held on 21 and 22 September 2017. This event brought together around fifty world-renowned industry experts from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Colombia, Peru, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Spain and was held at the Pompidou Centre auditorium.

20th Anniversary Breakfasts / Florida Institute of Technology
A group of outstanding final-year students at the Florida Institute of Technology visited us at our headquarters located in the Andalusia Technology Park. They were given an explanation about diverse issues affecting airports, the aeronautical industry, and aerospace and defence systems.

20th Anniversary Breakfasts / Malaga Airport (AGP) air traffic controllers
We held a breakfast meeting with a group of Malaga Airport control tower air traffic controllers to celebrate our company’s 20th anniversary. Both parties had the chance to interchange experiences with a common goal in mind: improving airport operations.

20th Anniversary Breakfasts / Meeting with the specialised press
A meeting was held with the Spanish and international specialised press as part of the working breakfasts organised to celebrate AERTEC Solutions’ 20th anniversary to present a balance on 2016 and disclose the company’s plans for 2017.

20th Anniversary Breakfasts / Meeting with Club Euronova
AERTEC Solutions’ new headquarters in Malaga was the venue for a working breakfast with members of Club Euronova, a collaborative forum for companies which base their future development on innovation and sustainability.

20th Anniversary Breakfasts / Meeting with the Andalusia Technology Park Aeronautical Systems Cluster
Executives of the companies which form part of the Andalusia Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía – PTA) Aeronautical Systems Cluster visited AERTEC Solutions’ new headquarters during one of the meetings they regularly hold. On this occasion, the meeting served to set out the aims and action strategy for 2017.



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